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Recital Fees

A costume fee (non-refundable) is due October/November. Costumes must be ordered no later than December to ensure that they are delivered in plenty of time for recital. These prices are estimations. Costume fee is around:
October/November cost: Child $70 / Adult $80; XLC $80 / XLA $90
Costumes ordered in December

*Price will increase $5 in Jan. & $5 more in Feb. Costumes cannot be order after Feb.

A recital fee in the amount of $48.00 per family is charged to offset rental of the theater. Recital fee is due March 1st. We do not sell tickets for the recital. The recital fee enables you to invite as many guests as you wish.

*Accounts must be current before the recital. Students are not allowed to participate in the recital until balance is paid in full.


2020 Dress Rehearsal:  May TBA @ 6:30 pm
Edgewood Theatre of Performing Arts

2020 Recital:  May TBA @ 1:30 pm
Edgewood Theatre of Performing Arts

The recital is a staple of many dance studios because of the performance experience it gives to the students. DISA holds an annual recital at the end of each year. All students are encouraged to participate because it allows them to present to their family and friends the results of a year's progress, hard work and dedication. The recital is a wonderful experience for all. It gives the student the opportunity to show the value of dance lessons, and the joy that performing on stage can bring.

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Our mission is to pass on the love of dance with fun, and developmentally appropriate teaching practices for children of all ages, and the young at heart. 

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