Hours Per Week                 Monthly Tuition

45 min.                                   $43.00

1                                            $58.00

1.5                                         $73.00

2                                            $103.00

2.5                                         $118.00

3                                            $133.00

3.5                                         $148.00

4                                            $158.00

4.5                                         $173.00

5                                            $183.00

​5.5                                         $198.00

​6                                            $208.00

*Each additional class is $25

**All policies and procedures are subject to change, and DISA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason**

*Dance Infinity SA is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the studio, or items left in your vehicles. Thank you.


There is an annual registration fee of $25.00 per student, and is non-refundable.

Tuition for lessons at DISA is an annual fee, divided into monthly payments, which is paid on the first lesson of each month. The annual fee is based on the number of hours of study each week. As the number of hours per week increases, the overall hourly rate decreases. The monthly rate is based on the total number of hours of weekly study for all members of a family who are enrolled.

Students are registered for the entire season, mid-August through recital. Each class is guaranteed to meet at least 35 times during the school year. Should any class meet less than 35 times due to bad weather, etc., make-up classes will be scheduled. August tuition is pro-rated and figured into the overall rate. Even with the holidays, each class gets at least 35 lessons. Each month is different, depending on the day of the week that your child comes to class. Some months have 3 lessons and other months will have 5. It does not matter which day your child comes to class, by the end of the year they will have come to at least 35 classes. Everything balances out over the year.

Methods of payment:  Check, Cash, Credit/Debit, and Auto-pay. A late fee of $10 is applied if tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month. A $25 service charge is assessed for any returned checks. (online pay through the parent portal). If tuition isn't received by the third lesson, student will be asked to sit out until tuition and late fees are paid.

Accounts must be current before the recital. Students are not allowed to participate in the recital until balance is paid in full. 


No refunds or reductions for missed classes. Make up classes are available for illness or emergency only. Please speak to you child's instructor to schedule a make up class. Make up classes will not be honored for vacations or sporting events. Students with four (4) consecutive absences will be automatically withdrawn from the studio. After January 1, students with three (3) consecutive absences may not be allowed to participate in the recital. In such case, the costume fee will not be refunded. Make up classes are discouraged after March 1 because each class does a different recital routine. 


There are no refunds for registration fee, tuition, or costumes when withdrawing from the studio. A two week notification must be given by filling out a withdrawal card at the front desk. If a two week written notice is not received, you will be obligated to pay for tuition until such notice is received. 

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