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Ballet - An artistic dance form characterized by light, graceful, and fluid movements. Uses precise and highly formalized steps and gestures. Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance.

Contemporary - An expressive dance style that combines elements of dance genres. It includes classical ballet, modern, and jazz.

Lyrical - A dance style that blends elements of ballet and jazz dance. It is generally a little more fluid and faster than ballet, but not as rapidly executed as jazz.

Modern - A free, expressive style of dancing started in the early 20th century.

Tap - Type of dance which demonstrates various rhythms made by movements of the feet. Metal taps are attached to the shoes to emphasize the sounds. 

Jazz - A stylized theatrical genre of dance based on many other forms of dance and influenced by American jazz music. Jazz dance is constantly changing as new innovations in style, technique, and choreography emerge. 

Tiny Two's/Pre 1, 2 & 3 - Tiny Two's, Pre 1 & 2 includes Tap, Ballet, and Creative Movement. Pre 3 includes Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. These classes are designed to provide children between the age of three and six with a strong foundation of dance using movement sequencing, patterning, and spatial relationship. Educators now know that training in these concepts lay a strong foundation for the development of reading, mathematics, and other educational skills. 

Dance Team/Leaps & Turns - Instruction in jazz technique, high kicks, and stunts. These classes prepare students for try-outs for their high school dance team. We recommend additional classes of ballet, contemporary, or flexibility & balance in order to gain strength and flexibility. 

Level 2,3/Tap 1,2 - A combination of tap and jazz with beginner through professional level using progressive graded techniques. Placement by teacher recommendation. Level 2 includes Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. Level 3 includes Tap and Jazz. Tap 1 & 2 includes various levels of tap. An additional ballet class for this age is highly recommended as ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance.

Hip Hop - A style of jazz with less emphasis on technique. We screen music for content and language.

Musical Theater - A genre of drama in which singing and dancing play an essential part.

Jazz Funk - An energetic jazz class for adults that also uses hip hop moves. No experience in dance needed for this class.

YogaFlex - A class to help students gain flexibility and balance through stretching, yoga, and pilates. 

DRESS CODE: ​   Please note: Student may be asked to leave class if not wearing the proper attire 

​Dance is a discipline and therefore requires the proper attire. Dance clothes are designed for movement and for keeping the dancer's muscles warm which will help prevent injuries. It also allows instructors to see the proper body alignment to make corrections.

Tiny Two's & Pre 1,2,3: Pink leotard, pink or tan tights. Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirt optional as cover up (any color).

Lev 2,3/Tap 1,2: Black leotard, leggings/jazz pants. Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes(Lev 2), black jazz shoes.

Ballet: Black leotard, pink or black tights. Pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirt or dance shorts optional as cover up (any color)*must wear tights with dance shorts.

Contemporary/Lyrical/Modern: Black leotard, tan or black footless tights. Lyrical shoes. Dance shorts optional as cover up (any color)*must wear tights with dance shorts.

Dance Team/Leaps & Turns: Black leotard, jazz pants. Tan jazz shoes. Dance shorts optional as cover up (any color)*must wear tights with dance shorts.

Jazz/Musical Theater: Black leotard, leggings/jazz pants. Black jazz shoes. Dance shorts optional as cover up (any color)*must wear tights with dance shorts.

Hip Hop: Any color leotard, leggings/cargo/hip hop pants. Black Hip Hop Dance Sneakers. Dance shorts optional as cover up (any color)*must wear tights with dance shorts

Boys: Black jazz pants, sweat pants, or long knee length shorts. White T-shirt. Black tap shoes, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes (shoes-correspond to class taken)

*All Students* No shorts-remember our classes are co-ed, and there are dad's in the waiting room. No T-shirts-it hides body alignment. Sports bras are best for dance. Hair should be pulled up and jewelry should be removed. Absolutely no gum in class and only water is permitted. 


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Our mission is to pass on the love of dance with fun, and developmentally appropriate teaching practices for children of all ages, and the young at heart. 

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